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Katexs is one of the premier social media companies in USA. In order to develop a company’s brand, boost sales, and enhance website traffic, social media marketing, or SMM, is used. This includes the platforms on which users create social networks and share information. It gives brands an opportunity to display themselves in an ideal light.

Social Media Marketing Facts

FB Facts

  • Be visible to over 1.3 billion daily active users
  • Tailor your campaign for your target persona
  • Utilize Facebook Adverts Manager to optimize performance
  • Build your presence on one of the earliest social media platform

Twitter Facts

  • Maximize user engagement with features such as tagging
  • Focus on your brand voice by using the platform as a way to spread news and updates
  • Use ad management tools to gain valuable insights
  • Jump on trends with a strong hashtag game

Youtube Facts

  • Unleash the potential of video-based content
  • Choose from multiple formats of video content
  • Optimize content using relevant, high-traffic keywords
  • Engage better with video-form retentive content

Linkedin Facts

  • Use thought leadership to establish presence
  • Take advantage of several in-app tools to monitor traffic and gain data insights
  • One of the few platforms that you can use for advertising in a formal manner
  • One of the best channels for effective B2B marketing

What We Do?

Social Media Marketing

Why Choose Katexs as Your Digital Marketing Agency

Expert Team

As the leading social media marketing company in USA, we have a team of experienced people who have run previous successful campaigns for a diverse range of brands.

Goal Oriented

We prioritise the goals communicated to us by our clients. We ensure you get measurable results that actually make a difference to your sales.

Affordable Packages

We are a brand built for a different range of businesses with different needs, projects and budgets. Accordingly, we have devised different packages that are deemed competitive in the market.

Better Conversion

The digital marketing space is constantly evolving. New tools and techniques are being brought in everyday and we consistently strive to ensure that we stay on top of these trends.

Benefits of SMM

Create Brand Awareness

By signing up for our social media marketing service, we help spread the message your brand intends to promote. This helps us as a social media marketing agency in USA to create more impressions for your brand.


Social Listening

Your business can gain from the art of social listening. By listening to the needs and requirements of different segments of audiences, a brand can implement effective changes.

Tell a Story

Our social media marketing helps a brand communicate itself in emotions. This is an added advantage to any brand as consumers appeal more to emotions and storytelling than to tangible goods.

Gain Data Insights

Social media gives you access to various types of data about your business and its clients. Using such data, a brand can then segment its target audience and devise unique targeting strategies.

Brand Loyalty

We feel that a social media presence is a powerful tool that brands can use to build a loyal and engaging community around. This community then forms the major chunk of the brand’s audience.


Cost Effective

Social Media Marketing when used efficiently can prove to be cost-effective. There are a lot of cost-efficient tools and platforms available for use. At GCU, we offer extremely competitive rates to clients.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly used platforms used for advertising are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, Reddit, Snapchat, Tumblr, and TikTok.

We recommend you hand over SMM duties to a professional digital marketing agency to incorporate into an entire marketing campaign for your brand. At Katexs, we offer the best SMM services you can avail of.

Yes, regardless of the size and industry that your business fits into. SMM can boost the sales of any business, whether it is a large MNC or a local store wanting to increase its daily sales.

Katexs as a social media agency in USA charges extremely competitive rates for SMM services. Please contact us so we can help figure out the best plan for you. The charge usually depends on the scale of the project to be undertaken.