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Your product is your baby. Nurture it, groom it and watch it succeed.


  • At katexs, our product development team is dedicated to creating new products that will meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

  • Product development requires thorough business analysis and feasibility studies by a professional product development agency in US.

  • We focus on conceptual design, sales and marketing plans, facilities schematic drawings, and corporate branding strategies, that can take your idea from concept to consumers.

  • Whether you require help introducing a new product into the market, or you want to rebrand an existing commodity, you can count on us to deliver for any and all product development services in US.

Our Services

Our Process



Our business analysis will help you determine the costs involved and forecast the profits you may make from the product in future financial years.



When there is no clear idea or direction of how the product will function or what will be the product's final look, our design conceptualization services are required for clarity purpose.



Our process of synthesis enables the designer to transition from data to information and from information to knowledge.

Why choose us?

Leads = Success

  • Build everything around simplicity
  • Deliver quantifiable results
  • Be a recipient of its own services

Trust Built on Consistency

  • Focus on creativity
  • Build on brand positioning
  • Trusted by brands across industries

1-Stop Solution for Digital Marketing

  • Operate on real-time data
  • Cover wide target markets
  • Target primary audience

Benefits of Product Development

Value for Money

Without product development, a product would eventually fail and cost a lot in terms of re-working the design.

Push Creativity

Product development involves a lot of brain power and thinking outside the box. This may lead to unconventional, yet profitable ideas.


Provide Clarity

The stages of product development can help you get a clearer idea of your product, its target users and differentiation factor.


Market Research

Conducting trial-runs of your product before taking it out to market is crucial. Experimenting in a controlled setting can give you access to numerous insights.


As an agency, we will help you strategize the marketing, sales and other strategies. We will also help you with PR, HR, finance and other functions.



Through product development, you can find out how you can create a unique selling proposition for your product to stand out against your competitors.



Frequently Asked Questions

An e-Commerce business requires you to find the right connections and hire the right people to create, sell, and delight consumers.

Being the best product development companies in US, we focus on developing products that are not only scalable but also have an element of sustainability to them. Products need to have a differentiation factor and be based on a real need in order to succeed.
Yes, we can help in manufacturing your product in some way, shape or form. Please do get in touch with us to learn how.

Product development follows a step-by-step process starting with market research and ideation. The exact duration can be mutually decided upon by learning about the scale of the project, so please get in touch with us.

Product development services for your enterprise can have different price ranges. At Katexs, we offer competitive prices for your enterprise depending on the scale of the project to be undertaken.