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  • Short web marketing videos called "explainer videos" are used to describe the goods and services offered by your business.

  • Explainer videos are frequently displayed on a product page, the home page of your website, or a landing page.

  • Explainer videos are the ideal way to express what your business has to offer while still being instructive and enlightening.

  • Top explainer video agencies in US improve retention rates is a big part of explainer videos.

What Is Explainer Video?

  • Explainer videos are brief web marketing videos that are intended to describe your company's product or service.

  • These videos highlight a company's product, service, or business idea in an effective and appealing way.

  • They increase brand exposure, online visibility, and sales conversions.

  • Build trust & credibility through our explainer video services in US.


Capture Attention

Explainer video agencies in US create videos that are the most engaging form of capturing attention as compared to other forms of media.

Increase Organic Traffic

If you include a high-quality video on your page, organic traffic will increase and become a great asset to your SEO campaign.


Convert More Leads

A video can boost your lead-conversion rate and drive more sales. Investing in video-form marketing is very profitable.


Better Customer Relationships

Videos are the most interactive form of marketing that a brand can use. It can help build better relationships with customers.

Possibility of Going Viral

If done exceptionally well, an explainer video may help your brand go viral. Investing in moment marketing can help in doing this.


Best for SMM

Explainer videos are perfect for social media channels such as Instagram, Facebook and such platforms. Such marketing can help garner a lot of views.


Types Of Explainer Video


2D Animated Video

3D Animated Video

Motion Graphics Video

Whiteboard Video

Live-Action Video

Screencast Video

Kinetic Typography Video

Our Video Production Process

Why Are Explainer Videos So Popular?

  • By placing your website higher in search results, they increase your online presence.

  • A good explainer video company in US can increase revenue and brand recognition.

  • They are the kind of marketing that is most interesting.

  • They can aid in a brand's ability to emotionally connect with its audience.

Why Katexs?

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  • Build everything around simplicity
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Frequently Asked Questions

Any explainer video must have a brief summary of the product or service, the benefit presented, and calls to action.

We will work with you to create a concise web marketing video that explains the product or service that your company offers. Explainer videos are frequently displayed on a product page, the home page of your website, or a landing page.
Yes, regardless of which industry you deal in and the scale of your operations, you stand to gain something from using explainer video in your marketing operations.
At Katexs, we offer the most competitive rates for improving your explainer video design. We have different price ranges for different budgets and needs. A better idea of our fee can be mutually decided upon by learning about the scale of your project. Do get in touch with us for more information.