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  • Trade booth design is an example of a design that can give integrated communication.

  • The best booth design companies in US can save you from handling exhibiting which requires a significant time and financial commitment.

  • It follows the principle of making the most out of limited space.

  • It requires a high level of design thinking to understand what makes customers stop at a particular booth.

Exhibit Designs

Latest Trends in The Industry

Using eco-friendly materials in your booth is a great way to appeal to the neo-generation of climate-conscious people. It also helps save on costs as the material can sometimes be cheaper than the more expensive luxurious premium materials.

Since customization is very important, you can put brand elements such as logo on your booth design. These create memorable visuals for your visitors to remember you by.

Our Design Process



By visualizing the bigger idea we form a mental picture which is the first step in a successful design.



We make sure that your booth does not have an ordinary design. By retaining conventional things, while spicing up other things, we ensure your booth stands out.



A booth design should effectively portray the brand in its entirety. Everything included in the design should be unique to your brand in some manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The top Booth Design agencies in US can make your booth design interactive, by focussing on clear messaging, effectively using space, and prioritizing your personal branding, you can make your booth design stand out.

A booth should convey a message, have an element of unconventionalness and look neat and tidy overall.
Yes, it is very important to optimize your booth design in order to stand out among multiple other booths. This helps in a ‘blue ocean strategy’ filled with too many advertisers coupled with a consumer’s short attention span.
At Katexs, we offer the most competitive rates for improving your booth design . We have different price ranges for different budgets and needs. A better idea of our fee can be mutually decided upon learning about the scale of your project. Do get in touch with us for more information.