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People don’t remember what you said to them, but rather how you made them feel. Branding applies this same concept to a business and its clients.


  • Branding works on a clearly defined value proposition coupled with a clear strategy.

  • A brand’s purpose is to act as the guiding light for the company.

  • Branding goes beyond just the product/service that is being sold; it also includes the more abstract components of a brand.

  • A brand and its identity are formed only after taking the audience persona into consideration.

Why Is Branding Important?

  • Branding gives your consumers easy elements to recognize you with.

  • A brand has focus on the business and its unique selling proposition.

  • A brand acts as the guiding force for the entire business and its stakeholders.

  • A top branding & identity agency in US establishes lines of emotional connection between a business and its customers.

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Why Katexs?

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  • Build everything around simplicity
  • Deliver quantifiable results
  • Be a recipient of its own services

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  • Focus on creativity
  • Build on brand positioning
  • Trusted by brands across industries

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  • Operate on real-time data
  • Cover wide target markets
  • Target primary audience

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Frequently Asked Questions

Branding & identity services in US establish lines of emotional connection between a business and its customers. It gives a good impression of your brand in the minds of consumers.

Brand purpose, mission/vision statement, differentiation factors, archetype and laguage are some of the components of branding.
Yes, regardless of which industry you deal in and the scale of your operations, you stand to gain something from outsourcing your branding work to a Branding & identity company in US like Katexs.

Usually, it is very expensive to avail of services from a branding & identity agency in US. However, at Katexs, we offer the most competitive rates for improving your branding. We have different price ranges for different budgets and needs. A better idea on our fee can be mutually decided upon learning about the scale of your project. Do get in touch with us for more information.