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Getting started on Youtube can be a bit intimidating if you are just starting out.

Before you start filming video content, you’ll need to set up your YouTube channel. This can get a bit complicated. As you probably know, YouTube is owned by Google. As a result, when you sign up for a Gmail account, you automatically gain access to a YouTube account, a Google account, and much more.Depending on your business, you may not want to tie your email to your business’s YouTube channel — especially if you need to share access to the account with team members or an agency partner. We suggest that you create a common email account that can be used by multiple people.To get started, visit Google and click “Sign in” in the upper right-hand corner.Click on “Create account” at the bottom of the page.You’ll see an option pop up to create an account for yourself or to manage your business. Since your YouTube account will be for your business, choose “To manage my business”.To officially create your Google account, enter your name and desired email and password before clicking “Next”. Then, enter a recovery email and your birthday, gender, and phone number. Note: Google requires all users to be at least 13 years old.

You now need to set up a YouTube Brand Account. A Brand Account allows users to manage editing permissions and create a more holistic online presence.

Before you start implementing your YouTube marketing plan, you should decide who on your team will need access to the account. Granting access to team members will allow them to help manage the channel through their own Google accounts.When you grant access to a Google account, there are three options for roles:Owner: Owners have full editing power over all company Google properties. They can add or remove managers, edit business information, respond to reviews, and more.Manager: Managers have the same editing powers as Owners, except they cannot add or remove page roles or remove listings. Anyone editing a YouTube channel must be a Manager or an Owner.Communications Manager: Communications Managers can respond to reviews and do several other actions but they cannot use YouTube’s video manager, upload content, or view analytics.To add individuals to your account, tap your Google account icon in the upper right-hand corner to open the drop-down menu and go to “Settings”.Click “Add or remove managers”.Click “Manage Permissions”.Then, select the people icon in the upper right-hand corner to invite new users. To grant permission to a person, enter their Gmail address and indicate their role.

Identifying YouTube influencers is a healthy mix of art and science.There are obvious markers of a good influencer partner –– namely a general brand fit, strong presence with your target demographic, and a rate that doesn’t blow your budget out of the water.The low-hanging fruit are often the influencers whose area of expertise is a direct overlap with your industry.For an outdoor apparel company, it’s natural to partner with hunting, fishing, and camping influencersFor a scientific education company, it makes sense to partner with nerdy science typesBut great work with YouTube influencers does not stop at strong demo and topical overlap. Some of the best successes come from brands working with influencers well known in adjacent markets

.When you engage with YouTube influencers, successful companies remember that they are participating in an existing community that already has its own modes of interaction and norms. It is crucial that you treat creators and their audiences with respect. They have an audience for a reason, and they know what will work.Approaching creators with that in mind will make all the difference.

So, next time, use the wonderful power of Youtube influencing to strengthen your brand and marketing

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