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Top tips and tricks for you to succeed

The boom of social video isn’t stopping anytime soon. Both long-form and short-form productions continue to dominate the social space across all platforms.Consider how minute-long videos like this one from Goodful are all-the-rage on Instagram right now.Brands today shouldn’t shy away from video, especially with the wealth of creative options and apps out there.

Creating original video content can be slightly more work-intensive than writing a blog post or designing a graphic, but when done well, the results for your business can be significant.

Mobile isn’t the only way that you can get creative with your medical marketing strategy. Online videos on channels like YouTube are very effective as well.

While your technology is probably complex, robust and overall impressive, when using video to marketing your solution you should focus on telling a compelling story. Walk the viewer through how your helped a specific customer get from A to Z, how your company started or how a team developed a specific feature.

Just because youre in the B2B enterprise space doesnt mean that your videos should be dry and technical. In fact, the exact opposite is true. Creating videos that are particularly funny, humorous or entertaining will help you stand out from the crowd. 

Making the perfect strategy

Your video content strategy should also make room for useful, and educational, content. This can include things like tutorials of how to use your solution, product demos, webinars about industry trends and best practices, or how-to style videos. Webinars are particularly useful, because by requiring people to exchange their contact information to register, you’ll be able to build your contact database and engage in marketing or sales activities with those contacts in the future.

There are few things more powerful from a technology marketing standpoint than your target buyer saying to themselves, That solution worked for another company just like ours, so maybe it will work for us to? That’s the point behind client testimonial videos. And if your solution serves multiple verticals, you’ll want to collect testimonials for each individual sector, if possible.SalesForces Dunkin Donuts customer testimonial video hits the nail on the head, because it’s targeted towards their retail prospects and has a brand that’s well known in the industry.

Animated explainer videos take the product, service or solution you offer and illustrate it to prospects in a fun, digestible format. Take this animated explainer we created for Binary Defense. Rather than having to spend the time to scroll through a datasheet about what it is, the problem it solves, and how it works, viewers get a clear picture of what their vision product is in under two minutes. And what’s more, since the video is light an engaging, theyre more likely to finish the video and retain more of the critical informatio that they want buyers to remember.

Whether the information is unique or the delivery, it must stand out.Consider different media such as video, animation or apps – maybe even consider past tactics such as direct mail.  If you can make the information valuable and unique while delivering in an unexpected way, it will pay off in spades.“

Examples to follow

Clothing company Patagonia made a short film called ‘Worn Wear’ that encouraged customers to fix their clothes rather than buy new ones.On the surface, this would appear counter productive. However, the beauty of this video is that it had the opposite effect.Aside from showing integrity, the film differentiated and strengthened the Patagonia brand by highlighting how durable and long-lasting Patagonia clothes can be.What about de-marketing resources?6 reasons for turning away customers

Billions of videos are uploaded on YouTube every day. If your video had to stay on top to capture any of this traffic, how are you going to deal with it?With the power of YouTube SEO.Taking an extra effort to optimize your YouTube video with SEO will higher the rank on the Google results pages. Since Google makes your videos easier to find and share, it leads to the customer path to purchase.

So there you have it,best video marketing tips of 2020.

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