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For small to midsize businesses, over 80 percent of those companies still look to email marketing as their primary source for finding new customers and retaining their old ones.

Of course, email campaigns are only as effective as the list of email addresses you’re canvassing. Bounced emails are a fact of marketing life, but if your company is experiencing bounce rates over 2 percent, you’re doing more than wasting resources. A high bounce rate actually hurts your reputation with the service providers receiving your emails, who can in turn downgrade your deliverability for future mailings. can make sure that never happens. Trusted by over 5,000 companies, including Amazon, Google, Oracle and Salesforce, you can lock in a lifetime of their crucial email verification services at hundreds off the regular price right now, only $49 from TNW Deals.

With TrueMail, you don’t just fire off emails and hope they land in a customer’s inbox. TrueMail get inside your email list with a fine-tooth comb, validating each and every email on your list to drive your deliverability rate up to 99 percent immediately.

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